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    How to OOB control AMT client provisioned by SCS from SCCM 2012.



      I am trying to use SCS addon 2.0 for SCCM. It looks like AMT is provisioned, but can not control it from SCCM.

      At first, I installed SCCM 2012 SP1 and SCS 9.0 to the separate server. SCS is configured for Database mode I can provision AMT client(8.1 at this moment), with kerberos auth and tls, and can see AMT information from SCS console.I used remote configuration.  I do not use Digest Master Password, so I define one Kerberos User. and on the system settings, I set up one admin password for all system. Then started Add-on installation.

      I followed the document for SCCM 2012. Addon is isntalled  RCS integration mode.

      At the section 5.2.3, I was little bit confused. after enabling task sequence, what should I do?


      Any way, I enabled Remote Discovery, and Assign that task to AMT clients. After a while client were listed under Not Configure collection. Then I enabled Remote Configure task and assign it to that collection, wait for a while I have confirmed AMT is configured by looking at IMSS message. I gather hadware inventory from each client AMT Status on SCCM console is now "Detected", and those AMT machine is moved to Configured collection. At this moment I can't do ant AMT related operation other than management controller discovery.  How can I make AMT client to be enabled for SCC