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    Chirping Noise Coming from New Laptop




      I have a weird problem with the laptop I bought 5 days ago. It makes a weird chirping noise (just like a cricket makes) as I move windows around my screen, scroll, or sometimes even if I do nothing. It is coming from the left side of my laptop and it's barely noticable but quite annoying.


      I'm sure the noise is not coming from the speakers, because I mute the pc and the noise is still there and volume of it doesn't change with volume of computer. The noise goes away if I plug in the power, but when it is on battery, the noise is there.


      I figured out after trying everything that, if I disable Intel HD Graphics 4600 on device manager, the noise goes away but I don't know if there's any downside to disabling that device. (I guess it is the GPU coming together with the processor, right?) Is it a hardware issue or is it because of software? Btw I have the latest driver for my cpu and Intel HD Graphics 4600.


      Please help, if it's a hardware problem I should bring it to the technical support of Lenovo so that maybe I can get a replacement before 30 days pass after purchase. And if it is fixable by software I don't want to bear the trip to the store I bought my pc since it's quite far.


      Here's additional information on my laptop:

      Lenovo Ideapad Z710

      OS: Upgraded to Windows 8.1 64 bit from Win 8 64 bit

      CPU: Intel i7 4700MQ

      RAM: 8GB

      HDD: 1TB HDD + 8GB SSD

      GPU: Nvidia GT 740M (and Intel HD Graphics 4600)