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    Best chipset for a specific task?, and maybe a configuration advice. Thank you!


      Hello, everybody.


      I've googled and read about different types of chipsets for a couple of days, but the info I've found confused me. Then I thought it'd be more likely to find an answer right on the producer's community page. How brilliant is that! I sometimes amaze myself.


      The computer will be used exclusively for multiple parallel FullHD Live Video streaming (uploading). I've read I won't be necessarily needing a GPU, but rather a good CPU and RAM. Since I am on a budget limit, I'm planning to buy an i5-4570 3,2GHz CPU and 2x4GB DDR3-1600MHz.

      So, if you'd please be kind enough to share your knowledge, here are my three questions:


      *** 1 ***

      I've read there are "consumer" chipsets (Z87, H87, H81), and business chipsets (Q87, Q85, B85). I've also read about the different Intel features each supports (e.g. vPro, IPT, iSIPP, RST12, TinyLake, SBA), but I'm not sure if any of those features would influence my PC's performance given its destination.


      Furthermore, besides those features, do all 6 chipsets work the same (as far as CPU performance and RAM performance goes, and also how they communicate to each-other), or would a specific chipset perform better the given task?


      *** 2 ***

      Is it true that the Haswell (or IvyBridge) integrated graphics will suffice, or should I buy a low end / mid-range / high-end GPU?


      *** 3 ***

      Will using a SSD instead of a HDD help during the video streaming? I know they're faster for reading and writing info, opening and closing programs, but are those actions involved during the video streaming, and, if they are, do they influence the quality of the streaming?


      ... that would be it.


      Thank you very much for taking the time to read, and I'm looking forward to your replies / advices.


      Kind regards.

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          Hi IQzero,


          You are totally correct in regards the different chipsets we have. Since you are interested in getting an i5-4570, it is important to say that this processor will fit in a 8 series board only because of the socket type so a 6 series board will not work with this processor.


          As you said, Z87 and H87 & H81 are consumer chipsets but the Z87 is for the performance board and the H87 & H81 are media boards. I would say that a performance board will help you with the task.


          Having a SSD with the operating system on it will definitely increase the performance during the usage of the computer but as a piece of advice, having a mechanical drives and using a SSD to cache the system will be much faster.


          Resuming this, a 4th generation processor with a media series or performance series board will definitely help you and meet your expectations.