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    DX58SO Marvell utility annoying sound


      On a new XP Pro install, the Marvell RAID driver's utility (v. sets off "Windows XP Start.wav" approximately every 10 seconds, which is very annoying.  Stopping the utility fixes this.

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          Hi there,


          Have you tried to disable e-sata controller in the bios and see if it makes any different?


          Are you using any e-sata drives on the system?

          Are they configured as RAID/IDE?


          If you are not using it at all, disable it in the bios. I think that it is found in the Advanced, Boot Configuration.

          Then uninstall the Marvell Utility if you are not using it.


          If you are using it, try to Disable the Marvell Tray by running the msconfig.


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            I have this same problem with Windows7 RC. I just disabled the Marvel Tray Startup in the MS Config. BUT I have noticed that Intel Has a new Marvel Raid Driver on its download page. I haven't tried it but it might fix the problem. If you try it, please let me know. I probably won't try it until I install the Release Version of Win 7.