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    ArmA 3: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED seems driver related




      Ever since ArmA 3 was released as an alpha back in March, it plagued me (and quite a few others) with these apparently random DirectX 11 crashes (either freezing or CTD):



      "Display Driver Stopped Responding and has recovered."


      A few days ago I, acting on a hunch, installed an old driver ( from October(?) 2012 and was able to play the game without any crashes in area's/maps that were unplayable before.


      Working my way up (I have some, but not all drivers released) I found that the drivers up to (December 2012) perform flawlessly, while (March 2013) and later tend to suffer from this issue.


      So while installing the latest drivers is recommended as a starting point for every glitch, in this case it is not going to get you anywhere: it seems that every iteration has inherited a flaw that was introduced somewhere during that period (December 2012 - March 2013).


      I hope this in some way helps you to tackle this issue, and allows me to have my graphics driver up to date in the near future...



      These 'tests' were performed, ceteris paribus, on this machine:


      Intel i7-3770K@3500|3900 (HD 4000@1150)

      MSi Z77A-GD65 (UEFI: 10.11ß)

      32GB Corsair Vengeance@1600

      Windows 8.1_x64


      All drivers were up to date.

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