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    DX58SO BIOS ISO 4121 fails


      So, BIOS update from bootable media fails on my new DX58SO using a Samsung SH-S223Q/RSMN 22xDVD±R optical drive.  Error message below.  Any suggestions?


        (c) 2001-2002  by Burt Lagerweij

        Drive FE returns 0000h bytes per Sector.

        Driver not installed

      CD-ROM XMS/386 read cache, E. Auer <eric@coli.uni-sb.de> 2001-2004

      License: GPL 2.                      For standard CD-ROM device drivers.

      Cannot open client CD-ROM device driver "CDROM001".

      CDRcache will not stay resident.

      FreeCom version 0.02 pl 3 XMS_Swap

      SHSUCDX Version 2.1a

      (c)John H. McCoy, October 2000, Sam Houston State University

         Jason Hood, October 2003. http://shsucdx.adoxa.cjb.net/

      Can't open CD driver CDRCACH

        SHSUCDX can't install.

      ERROR: Failure loading; unable to find CD-ROM drive!

      ERROR: If you have multiple CD-ROM drives, please remove the other

      ERROR: CD-ROM discs and try again.  Otherwise your disc may be corrupt

      ERROR: or the CD-ROM driver does not correctly support your system.


      ERROR: Please reboot your computer now.