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    DH77DF onboard video problems


      I have a dh77df with a Pentium G2120 CPU running Windows 7. I cannot boot into Windows unless I have a graphics card installed. Using the onboard graphics I can get to the "Starting Windows" screen then it immediately reboots. The same thing in Safe Mode. With the graphics card installed it boots fine. I have tried updating the graphics drivers but no matter which one I try the installation fails "does not meet minimum requirements".

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          Be sure to use the latest BIOS for that system. This is posted at:

          Download Center

          In addition, please let me know, what is the part number of the memory installed in your system

          Have you tried re-installing the operating system using only the integrated video controller and with the video card not installed to the motherboard?

          What driver versions have you tested with?

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            Same problems here. When I did the upgrade  to Windows 8.1 pro my system became useless, freezing all the time. Latest bios installed, and the latest drivers don't work because my processor is a I3 2120 3.30 ghz 2 nd generation. So tried the oldest drivers because the new one is not supported. Same problem persists. The only way to use my pc is with a separate graphics card.

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              LuizHorta, please make sure you are using the latest video drives available for 2nd generation processors.


              Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7/8/8.1 32-bit Download Center    

              Intel® HD Graphics Driver for Windows 7/8/8.1 64-bit Download Center    

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                I have the latest Bios, I tried a different processor i3-2102 same result. I have 8G Patriot Ram #PV38G160C9K. Is the board bad? I install the OS with a graphics card installed, install the latest intel driver, change the bios to only Intel video, and on and on. The best I can get it to boot into a blank Windows screen. Any other suggestions?

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                  I solved the problem yesterday. Gave up trying to install intel drivers. They do not work. The cheapest way instead of buying a new processor is using a dedicated graphics card. I bought a Gigabyte whit nvidia chip set   Ge Force 210 passive Cooling Silent 0db for around 40 bucks (in Brazil) if you are in US I believe you can find even cheaper). Next step you have to disable at BIOS the onboard intel graphics. Do not leave at auto. So you will be able to boot normally. When you finally boot into windows remove the intel graphics drivers and reboot system. Before you install your new graphics drivers you could do a system check ( to be sure that there is no corrupted system files)at dos prompt run as at administrator C:\windows\system32> sfc /scannow it is very easy but you can find instructions at microsoft:

                  support.microsoft.com/kb/929833. If everything is ok you will have a rock solid system. That worked for me.

                  Merry Christmas and sorry for english I am brazilian.

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                    Buford, would you please remove the CMOS battery from your motherboard for about an hour.   Please disconnect the power supply and all additional components.

                    • Then, try to access the BIOS and run default settings. We need to make sure you are using the onboard video.
                    • If you test the motherboard without memory, are you getting 3 beeps?


                    Let me know the results.