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    DC3217IYE No HDMI Video output


      I'm attempting to connect this device to an Onkyo TX-NR717 via HDMI. The problem is it always says no signal after a few flickers as it was trying to do something. I believe I have eliminated the receiver as being the issue as everything else I throw at it works just fine even other comptuers but it does leave questions to be answered that the NUC works ok hooked up directly to the TV. I have tried different cables, ports, and a countless other settings even pass-through mode which shouldn't touch anything in theory. To add confusion, in my few hours of messing around with it I was able to get it to work one time and one time only. Not changing any settings, after rebooting the NUC nothing worked again and I was back to square one.


      Some things i noticed and other notes:


      1) when plugging in the HDMI cable there is a flicker on the screen as if it was trying to connect and failed

      2) Receiver shows no signal

      3) I do not see any bios post which to me seems that should eliminate all driver issues and point to something in BIOS

      4) NUC directly to TV works

      5) Receiver is on latest firmware


      Thanks in advance

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          Hello Marcoo624,


          It is important to let you know that Intel® attempt to make as many third party components compatible as possible, but do to the sheer quantity of these third party components we cannot always guarantee compatibility.

          However, t
          hese are our recommendations for this issue:


          *Please check the HDMI cable you are using is 1.4a, since this is the only one that support audio and video.

          *Try installing the latest graphics driver available:



          * install the latest BIOS version available for your motherboard   Download Center    


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            Thank you for the reply, neither of these steps resolved the problem as they were already on the latest BIOS and driver versions. Is there a way I can request support for a particular device from Intel? Provide logs, install beta BIOS or Drivers, etc?