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    Business of APIs conference videos (2013)


      In case you couldn't make it to any of our 2013 BAPI conferences (or just want to relive/share any of the great discussions that happened there), here are some handy links to videos of the sessions:




      Panel Discussion: Think Like an Entrepreneur | Mashery.com


      Finding the Unmarked Trail - Naveen Selvadurai, Foursquare | Mashery.com


      Finding the Unmarked Trail: The Opportunity in Data - Eric Rodenbeck, Stamen Design | Mashery.com


      Changing the World


      Building Apps That Change The World - Leila Janah, Samasource | Mashery.com


      Building Apps That Change the World - Bartlomiej Skorupa, Groundwork Opportunities | Mashery.com


      How Social Data Will Change Our Decisions - Chris Moody, Gnip | Mashery.com


      APIs in the Enterprise


      The API Corporation - Lynda Smith, Twilio | Mashery.com


      API Business Models: 20 Models in 30 Minutes - John Musser, API Science | Mashery.com


      The Evolution of Your API and Its Value - Daniel Jacobson, Netflix | Mashery.com


      An Integrated Enterprise is Within Reach - Curtis Chambers, Uber | Mashery.com


      The Evolution of Your API and Its Value - Jesse Givens, CarePass, Aetna | Mashery.com


      The Product Manager's Digital Dilemma - Adam Duvander, SendGrid | Mashery.com


      Data and Architecture


      How to Make Data Matter to Your Business - Christian Rudder, OKCupid | Mashery.com


      APIs and Data Refineries: Generating New Possibilities - Dr. Andreas Weigend, Social Data Lab | Mashery.com


      Developers + Data = the Future of Business - Alexis Ohanian, reddit | Mashery.com


      Creating a Single Pane of Glass: Centralized API Architecture - Andy Lloyd, NetSuite | Mashery.com


      The Cloud


      Cloud and the API Economy - Mac Devine, IBM | Mashery.com


      Managed Partnerships in the Cloud Era - Kyle Armbrester, athenahealth | Mashery.com


      Managed Partnerships in the Cloud Era - Atticus Tysen, Intuit | Mashery.com