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    (Intel® C222 Chipset) P9DX motherboard compatibility


      Ok here is the deal. I am interested in buying one Intel Xeon E3-1270 v3 and a compatible motherboard for a new win 2012 x64 RTserver build. I have been looking at Asus P9DX [ www.asus.com/Commercial_Servers_Workstations/P9DX ] but i got 3 big questions here.1) Will i be able to use 2x sata 2 HDD's on raid 1 + 1ssd on intel's RST for cache? 2) Will i be able at the same time to make those 2 HDD's hot swapable so that i can change those while server still running?  3) Will i have to buy also a gpu card?? or Aspeed AST1300 with 64MB VRAM is fine for the system to be connected to a monitor and work from there?


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          I contacted with asus.

          1) Yes, but they will revert to Sata II speeds for the raid as a whole. (With that in mind, mixing drives is never ideal. If they are all the same manufacturer then you will probably be fine)

          2) Hot swap is available in the SATA Configuration for that board.

          3) Onboard will suffice for 1 or 2 monitors. (depending on resolution)