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    HD 4600 HDMI audio problem


      Hi There,


      I have a Gigabyte GA-H87N-WIFI board, with an Intel Core i3 4340 processor (with HD 4600 graphics). My PC is set up as a home theatre PC, and I'm really struggling with audio issues that I hope someone can help with.


      The issue: Turning off the amp and turning it on again (or unplugging the HDMI cable then re-connecting) leads to a loss of sound through HDMI. An error appears (with a yellow triangle/exclamation mark) against the High Definition Audio Device in Device Manager which would appear to be the cause of the problem. Rebooting the PC seems to be the only way to get sound back.


      Troubleshooting so far:

      • I have tried a variety of drivers, and as of today I'm currently using the recently released Win64_15338 drivers.
      • I have tried plugging the PC directly into my TV (Sony Bravia). This improves matters slighty, as the TV can be put to sleep or have power removed, and the audio returns when it is turned on again. Unplugging the HDMI cable leads to the same problem though.
      • I have tried another HDMI cable, which has had no impact.


      Many thanks!



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          Hello Chris, for this kind of issue we have this work around.

          1. Install latest graphics driver. Please choose the operating system you are using and install it  Download Center
          2. Restart the system and access device manager and uninstall the audio driver.
          3. Install the audio driver provided by the manufacturer.


          By doing this the issue should be fixed.

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            Hi Sylvia,


            I tried doing this:

            - I have already installed the latest Intel graphics driver

            - I uninstalled the two HD Audio drivers in device manager

            - I downloaded and installed the Audio drivers from Gigabyte's website (Realtek audio)


            Apart from adding a new icon to the tray at the bottom of the screen this hasn't made any difference to the way the HDMI audio behaves. As soon as I put the amp into standby and turn it on again there is no audio and device manager shows the following error message against the high definition audio controller:


            "This device cannot start. (Code 10)

            {Operation Failed}

            The requested operation was unsuccessful."


            Any other ideas?





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              Hi again,


              I have been in touch with the motherboard manufacturer (Gigabyte) who recognise the problem and state that: "It is related to Intel driver not detecting hot plug monitor with audio function."


              I have attached a screenshot from Gigabyte that represents exactly what I see when I unplug the HDMI cable or turn off the receiver.


              Searching the forums indicates that lots of people are experiencing this problem - it's pretty widespread, and all of the evidence appears to be indicating it's an issue with the Intel drivers.


              Any further ideas/help would be appreciated.


              Many thanks.




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                last week I have build a new HTPC with Intel DH87RL Board and i5-4570, connected to a Pioneer VSX-920 via HDMI. Installed is Win8.1 with the current drivers and I have the same problem. When I reconnect the Pioneer, there is no audio output and the same error message.




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                  I am also having this exact problem with my Haswell Win 8.1 setup. The second I turn off my upstream HDMI receiver (Onkyo TX-NR905) the Intel Display Audio device will disappear from the "Sound, video and game controllers" section, and I will get an exclamation mark on the "High Definition Audio Controller" under "System devices". And from there the only option is to reboot the system to get the audio back. Picture is working as expected.

                  Hardware: Asrock Z87E-ITX (bios 2.10) + i5-4570T

                  Tested every driver combination avilable from both intel and Asrock (including audio driver 3129), and they all fail the same way. I have even tried using combinations of various audio drivers from different driver packages (as suggested as a solution in another thread) with the same result.

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                    Guys, this issue has been escalated to the Engineers, since we tried to replicate the issue with no success

                    I will try to get additional information in order to reply to you all.

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                      I can confirm the problem, same issue here, with ASRock Z87M Pro4 Motherboard and the Intel HD Graphics 4600 chipset drivers.


                      This is really annoying, as I have choosen this new Haswell platform for my HTPC setup, and now I have no audio. Wish I would have gone with AMD.

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                        I am having the same problem with the HD 4600 on a DH87RL motherboard . Also, when the system boots up hdmi audio is not detected immediately, it takes over 20 seconds before the it shows up in the device manager.

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                          Same problem. Driver version win 7 64bit Denon amplifier and Sony TV.

                          Mb Asrock H87M-ITX.

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                            If you guys need any assistance in replicating the problem or someone to run some debug drivers etc just contact me. This problem is seriously starting to bug me so I'm willing to strech a bit to solve it asap. My success-rate in creating the problem is 100%, so it won't take long

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                              Hi All,


                              I wanted to let you know that I have found a work-around for the problem that I'm happy to live with for now. It doesn't fix for the Intel bug per se, but it does allow the overall HTPC system to operate as it should for minimal expenditure/extra clutter.


                              I bought a cheap HDMI switch, which when installed between the PC and the AV receiver seems to resolve the audio problems. The switch in question is a Duronic [HRS1031] 3 Port HDMI Auto Switch Box plus Remote - 3x1 HUB (3 way input 1 output) 1080p Full HD Switcher and it cost about £10 from Amazon.


                              This switch doesn't require any power input (power is drawn from the HDMI connection) and it's a small box so can be hidden away quite well. I can now turn the receive off or change inputs and when I turn it on again the HTPC is still outputting audio.


                              Hope this is helpful for others while we wait for Intel to fix the bug.


                              Best wishes.

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                                Thanks for the information. I’m going to provide this work around to the engineering team.

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                                  i have the same problem with my toshiba laptop with hd4600.

                                  i must restart or set in restmode my computer every tim i want sound in my tv.

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                                    Same problem here with my HD4400 board (ASRock H81M-ITX).

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