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    NUC D54250WYK 4 System Build Questions


      1  Recommended mSATA SSD:   The Integration Guide says you have a list of tested compatible SSDs, but I searched your site for it without success.  Does that mean the D54250WYK is compatible with any recent mSATA SSD ?    Any reason not to use the Sandisk X110 256GB ?


      2  I will probably want to install Win 7 Pro 64-bit, but read somewhere reason many devices still include at least 1 USB2, is cannot boot off USB3 unless installing Win 8x.  Yet Haswell NUC has only USB3.  Your Solution ID: CS-033935 doc on Installing the OS, written Dec 2012 states if installing from flashdrive it MUST use the Front USB port, same text unchanged in Sep 2013 ver. Is there a problem installing W7 off pendrive ?  If so, can D54250WYK install W7 off an Optical drive ?


      3  Initially, have just VGA monitor this location, which means obtaining a HDMI to VGA Adapter.  On AmazonUK there are many, from £5 to £15.  Most say they are powered from the HDMI source.  An expensive one said it consumed a surprising 500mA.  I read HDMI min spec is 50mA supply.  Can you tell me what current the NUC HDMI is rated at ?     


      4  The 7260 HMW spec doesnt state its power draw, have you got it, and are there any probs installing it ?