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    Motherboard for Quad Q6600 pls?


      I have a Quad Q6600 2.4, LGA775, 1066FSB, S-Spec:SLACR. pls suggest a motherboard. My uses are gonna be mostly Graphics - AutoCad,DTP(coreldraw, photoshop, pagemaker,etc). I want to avoid the 45 series as I have gone the varrious debates. How about DX48TP2 in the extrem series? Can anyone suggest a brand of RAMs.


      Arsen Simao

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          Hi there,


          Yes, actually the DX48BT2 will be a good board for the kind of application you will be using and the processor that you have is compatible on this board too.


          Another extreme board will be the DP45SG and the next one below this one will be the DQ45CB, but however you don't want 45 Series, hence the only 4 series one will be the DX48BT.


          Please make sure you use memory that are from the compatible and tested memory list that are found on the specific motherboard site. As long as you use compatible components, your system will be stable.


          Hope this information will be helpful.



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            Hello there,


            Well check on the link below you will find all the boards that support the CPU Q6600:
            Make sure sure to check the board revision number, as some of them needs to have a bios update in order to be compatible with the CPU. And make sure to check the compatible CPU SL number


            For example:
            Board DX48BT2 with Revision E26191-100 and CPU with SL number SLACR needs to have a bios version 1397.


            Based on the application that you are using, personally, i think that the board DQ45CB is a good board.

            It has very good features like:
            Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500 onboard graphics subsystem with integrated DVI-I and DVI-D graphics output
            Intel® Active Management Technology
            Intel® Trusted Platform Technology.
            It supports Virtualisation.

            It does not support VIIV, IDCC.


            If you need to use an external graphics card, you have 1 PCI Express* 2.0 x 16 bus add-in card connector.

            If you need more information on the AMT, check here


            Make your own research before getting one.


            All the best,


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              Suggestions given - Research can be done.