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    Intel Rapid Storage Controller RAID 0 Expansion did not complete




      I am using a motherboard with an Intel Rapid Storage Controller. I had a raid 0 array with 2 x 2TB disks. I added another 2TB disk to make it a 6TB volume. It started the process of migrating data. I am not sure if it finished or not as when I woke up in the morning, I had a message saying the array had failed. All 3 disks were healthy and in the array, so there was no hardware failure.


      I set the array to normal as suggested by the software which bought the array online. However it only showed a size of 4TB (despite having all 3 2TB disks in the array). Windows did not see the array. On reboot Windows ran Checkdisk and my disk came back online with all files there, although I can not read any files, when I open them with a program it says file invalid or something similar (appears as if files are corrupt).


      I assume this is because some of the data is on the 3rd disk which is not seen as part of the array and because both Windows and the Intel Rapid Storage controller only think it is a 4TB volume the other 3rd of the data is the other disk. How do I complete the migration to a 6TB volume and access the data? The intel rapid storage controller things the array is healthy and all members are, I can't see any option to continue the migration?


      See the screenshot.


      Message was edited by: Dominic Dearman Some added information. In the Rapid Storage interface in Windows the array shows the correct size (6TB), but the volume shows 4TB and there is no free space to create or extended the volume. Windows also thinks there is no free space. How can I make the volume size match the array, see the screen shot attached