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    DH87MC two beeps


      Hi anyone,


      Having following trouble:

      After some bios changes (uefi x legacy booting) I'm getting two beeps twice, which should be video problem according to documentation and monitor is blank.

      I tried to clear cmos (no power and battery for many hours), but still the same.

      When the bios jumper is removed, I'm getting short list of 1. suppress, 2. clear bios pass, 3. clear TPM (you see - I have a picture)

      With .bio file on flash disc I'm able to recover bios. Made twice without any problem, previous and new bios still 0047.

      After returning the bios jumper I get two beeps and no picture. Same behaviour on iGPU and dGPU.

      DH87MC motherboard

      intel i5-4570 processor