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      I've got D54250WYK2 and I have two problems.



      Windows Start menu -> shut down causes NUC to reboot. same thing if power buttons is pressed.

      only way to shut down is to press power button for 4 seconds or unplug the power cord.



      NUC makes low frequency noise from speakers (bass woofers) NUC is connected to Yamaha RX-V3067 via mini DP-HDMI

      same noise with mini HDMI-HDMI. I've tried to unplug ethernet cable and HDMI no help.

      Noise is also there even I put Yamaha on mute or power off. scrolling mouse makes noise or browsing Windows.


      any solution to this?





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          Hello tpalm, I may suggest to verify the integration of the board and components inside the case. It is usually recommended to test the board out of case with the minimum components.


          If the issue persists you may contact your local Intel® support group for further assistance.

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            I do not have the first problem, but I get the same speaker hum in my system - NUC to Integra DTR-8.9 via either HDMI or DisplayPort.  It appears that the hum only occurs when some video is changing (e.g., moving mouse, scrolling web pages, or even when the update ticker at the bottom of this page changes).  This is a huge problem since I use my NUC as an HTPC, as I'm sure many other users do as well.  If this does not get fixed, I will have to return the unit and go a different direction. 

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              Are you using latest BIOS and drivers?

              What is your operating system?

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                I am using Windows 7 SP1 and have the latest BIOS and drivers.  After A LOT of troubleshooting, I figured out it was an issue in the wiring, and was NOT a problem with the NUC.  Sorry for the alarm - very happy now. 

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                  I have the same issue (I think). I have the 3410 model with 2.5 hard disk drive. I get crazy amount of noise when connected to my sound system. It's as if I can hear the hard drive spinning on the speakers, kind of  like a microphone is open or something. (I disabled digital microphone in BIOS and still same issues).


                  What can I do to solve this? I tried two different outlets, same problem.

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                    As far as I have read, all similar issues were related to wiring; you may want to make sure it is grounded.

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                      Definitely not a grounding issue. I use the original power supply from Intel, and connect it to a power outlet that previously was connected to a turntable - nothing is more sensitive to grounding issues than a turntable. I also had a Boxee Box connected, a preamp, a USB DAC etc. All are well except the NUC. If the is a grounding issue, it's inside the machine itself.


                      Besides, I can clearly HEAR the hard drive spinning and chirping on my speakers, as if a microphone is on. Doesn't sound like a grounding issue that would result is humming in the bass only.

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                        could you explain a little more in detail what you changed in your wiring to get rid of the noise? I have the same crackling in my speakers and appreciate your solution.