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    After upgrade to SCS 9 AMT status is detected




      first we provisioned our devices with the buildin functions of the SCCM 2012. This works fine and the AMT Status was shown as provisioned. Now we bought new devices with firmware version 9.0 which isn't supported by the buildin method of the SCCM 2012. So I decided to use SCS and the addon for the SCCM. After some struggeling I've got the whole think running with SCS 8 and version 1.0 of the addon. The status was shown as "Externally Provisioned" and they could be accessed trough the oob-management console. Yesterday I updated the whole system to SCS 9 and addon 2.0. Now any machine which is provisioned with the remote_configure.bat method is shown with status "Detected" but the log-file shows that they were configured with exit code 0 and in the RCS console they look fine.


      Has anybody an idea what's going wrong?