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    forum manager please to route topic for newbee


      Problem with XPsp3 using Intel740 AGP (ATC7160) Atrend MicroATX motherboard and NO compatible Intel driver, forces me to access this forum using non java browser Browzar. Constant freeze ups and BSOD (routes me to intel where discontinued drivers do NOT include Intel 82443LX[EX] Pentium II Processor to AGP Controler or Intel 440LX ) or updated i740nt5.sys (my ver from August 2001). BSOD reports this file is not compatible with XP. Mfg Atrend discontinued years ago, my original Intel driver cdrom contains W9x graphic drivers for I740. Some hints of a W2K driver on Google. Search this graphics forums ancient archives (years 2000 to 2004) where this subject would have been discussed is not appearing. Could forum manager please to move my question to the correct forum or section within graphics forum.