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    DH87RL Board Revision Questions




      I am new to the community.


      I recently purchased an Intel Desktop Board DH87RL with the AA Code of G74240-401 and now I see revisions of the board numbered G74240-402 & G74240-403 are being discussed around the Internet.


      I bought the board at: www.newegg.com


      First question: I understand that the C1 Stepping of the board had a USB 3.0 Sleep / Resume Bug. If I never put my computer to sleep (always on and fully powered), will I have any trouble with using my USB 3.0 Drive? (IE: Plugging it in, transferring files, installing windows, unplugging it, etc..).


      Second question: If there is trouble with the USB 3.0 Drive as the first question asks, how do I go about getting a newer revision of this motherboard? Do I send it back to Intel for a newer revision? My Online Retailer won't let me return it because I have opened the box, plus they tell me that they can't guarantee which revision they currently have in the warehouse for shipment.


      Third question: If I do send it back to Intel, will I be guaranteed the newest revision or is the newest revision even available yet?


      Please Help!