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    SNMP issue with ANS



      I have installed the last version of PROWinx64.exe (18.7) with activation of the SNMP option.

      I have configured an AFT teaming  from two network interfaces. By using PROSetCL.exe, I have checked that this teaming works correctly.

      My problem is when I make a SNMP dump of the intel-Ian-adapters MIB, I have the following results:

      • baseDriverLoadedAnsNotLoaded(1) for the status when I am expecting baseDriverLoadedAnsLoaded(3)
      • standAlone(0) for the type of the adapters involved in the teaming when I am expecting teamMember(1)
      • no data under ansAttrTables MIB subtree.

      I have the same results on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.


      Is there something specific to do to have ANS loaded at SNMP level ?

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          I have the same issue on Windows 7 (32-bit) with PROWin32.exe (v21.1).

          Previously, we used data from ansAttrTable MIB subtree on Windows XP with PROWin32.exe (v16.3) without any problems.

          Under Windows 7 with the same (v16.3) driver and latest (v21.1) driver no data under ansAttrTable MIB subtree.


          What shall I do for getting this data through SNMP?