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    DZ87KLT-75K display interfaces




      I've asked this question before as part of a different post but did not get an answer to it yet so i post it here on it's own.


      I've looked at the manual of the DZ87KLT-75K. The block diagram on page 16 shows the thunderbolt controller connected to the PCH. However the digital ports of the graphics have been moved from the PCH to the CPU in haswell with only VGA remaining on the PCH, why is the thunderbolt interface connected to the PCH ? The DP should be coming from the CPU not the PCH ? right ?

      This board also has a couple of Xeon's in it's list of supported processors, e.g. e3-1280 v3.  these do not have build-in graphics. Will the thunderbolt interface work in this situation ?

      (on a side note, I'm assuming that the pci-e connector on the far left (labeled A on page 13) will only work with a Xeon inserted ?)