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    RAID Array split into 2 arrays?!


      Hello all,


      This is my first post, and unfortunately it is because of an issue :-(. After rebooting a company server last night it would not boot. I'll give the whole history on this so hang in there but I'm sure one of the details below will be important in resolving my issue:


      Upon booting the server the RAID array showed all 3 - 1TB drives (in a RAID 5 array) as non-member disks. I called Intel and ASUS and didn't get anywhere with either of them (still waiting on a call back from them and I called 8am this morning).


      I found a nice forum where I found a process that I followed:


      Power off the server and disconnect each drive (make sure each cable and drive is labeled so they go back to the correct drive).

      Turn the server back on and disable RAID in the BIOS.


      Re-Enable RAID in the BIOS.

      Power Off.

      Plug the first drive back in and turn it back on.
      Once the drive was recognized power off again.

      Plug in the second drive and turn it back on.

      Once the drive was recognized power off again.

      Plug in the third drive and turn it back on.

      This was supposed to resolve the issue.

      The first two drives connected right away, on the third drive it said it looked like it belonged to the array should I add it.(still in the BIOS utility). Naturally I said yes and to my delight the server booted.


      Now for the issue that I am having. The last drive seems to have added itself to its own array and the original array has downgraded itself saying the third drive is missing. I've attached a screen shot of the issue to help with the visual. I want to get the drive back to the original array, but am afraid of the server being decommissioned long term while it re-builds, or worse losing some data by making a simple mistake.


      I did read through the online PDF for the Intel Matrix Storage Console and their online troubleshooting guide but have not found this specific issue addressed. I'm hoping someone can guide me through the answer so I can resolve it tonight.


      The screen shot shows model numbers, and drives attached. Please let me know if you need any additional info!

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          First, be sure to have an updated back up of the data that is on that volume (in case it has not been done at this point).

          Then, please let us know the full model of the computer that you are using, operating system that is installed and the version of Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager installed.

          In addition please paste here the system report generated by Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager to see how these drives are being reported (Specially to see what kind of RAID volumes is this reporting such as RAID 1, RAID 5, etc.)