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    Windows* 8.1 Driver (32 & 64 bit) for HD 3000/2000 - Version 3347


      Hi everyone,


      A lot of you have been waiting several weeks, and it is finally ready.  Just today we have posted a new driver for HD 3000/2000.  This driver supports Windows* 7, 8, and 8.1.  You can find the download links here;


      32-bit: Download Center

      64-bit: Download Center


      For those wondering; we did not have a confirmed ETA on when this driver would be available.  Without an ETA, those of us who normally respond in the Community are unable to say whether or not a driver will even exist, let alone when it will be available.  Sorry we had to be quiet about it !


      A few disclaimers:

      • These drivers have been recently posted, and may not be available to everyone yet.  Just give it some time and you should reach it soon.
      • This driver is ONLY for HD 3000/2000.
      • This driver supports WDDM1.2, not WDDM1.3 - for more information on what this means please refer to the following page; Graphics — Microsoft Windows 8* and Windows 8.1* Support FAQ
      • We are not going to be initiating a driver feedback collection thread like we do with newer products.  HOWEVER, we are still going to support you with this driver/product.  Please continue to provide feedback in the non-beta Graphics Community here; Graphics


      Lastly, since HD 3000/2000 was the last product left behind on the Windows* 8.1 implementation, and this has now been completed - we will be closing the Windows* 8.1 Beta Community in short order.  All relevant support inquiries are invited to be posted in the Intel® Graphics Support Community.


      Thank you for your patience!