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    Dead D945GCZ motherboard


      Power supply failed and it seems to have caused a problem with the D945GCZ motherboard.  After replacing the power supply, I still cannot get motherboard to fire up.  I have checked power switch etc and all check out fine.  Is there an easy way to troubleshoot where the problem might be on the motherboard?

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          Hi there,


          Initially to make sure the board and processor are fine, start with basic components first then add one components one by one and see. Follow the steps below:


          1. Clear the CMOS by removing motherboard battery and put it back after about half an hour.

          2. Connect only processor, it's heatsink + fan and power supply on the motherboard, nothing else. (if possible test outside pc case).

          3. Start the system, you should get 3 beeps indicating memory error as there are no memory installed yet, that's fine.

          4. Power off the system, add 1 module of memory, graphics card, keyboard.

          5. Start the system, if you have video, press F2 to go to bios when prompted. When in bios, set bios to default settings, save and exit.

          6. If you do not get any video try with other memory module and with other gfx card.

              If still no video, then you will have to do a bios recovery.

          7. Download the latest bios version from this link (recovery method): http://downloadcenter.intel.com/license_agr.aspx?url=/17290/eng/NT4119P.BIO&ProductID=2063&agr=Y&sType=&PrdMap=&DwnldId=17290&strOSs=38&OSFullName=OS%20Independent&lang=eng

          8. Put the downloaded file on an empty usb pen drive (it should be a normal non-bootable usb, if it does not work, try using another usb key).

          9. Power off the system, remove the bios configuration jumper, plug in the usb in any available usb port and start the system.

          10. The recovery process should start and you can see some activity on the usb (if it has an activity light). You may or may not have video, but in case you do not get any video, you can wait for some time (10 minutes) or when there is no more activity on the usb.

          Then power off the system, remove the usb, put the bios jumper back to the normal position and start the system. Your system should now boot normally.


          Make sure that all the power connectors (cpu and main power connectors) are properly connected on the board. Make sure you are using the correct version of power supply.




          If you are sure you have done the above troubleshooting steps properly and it has not solved the boot issue, then there is nothing much else I can advise.


          Hope this is helpful enough.



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            Thanks unplugged_24, these instructions should allow me to narrow down the search for the faulty component!  Thanks for the information!  I will not have time to try this today, but I hope to work on this tomorrow.  I will let you know if I am successful!  Thanks for taking the time!


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              I had a similar trouble too, (Sorry for my english) I clean the motherboard for dust today, when I reconect everything, it was dead too, I only can see a tiny green led, when I plug to the energy then I push the power on button but doesn't occurs nothing pc stills dead... im very wrong... help me...