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    why Intel my WiFi dashboard dropping off Hotspot connection repeatedly!!?




      After having some problems with Intel My WiFi Technology and searching the forums, I have installed Intel My WiFi Dashboard and the relative version of Intel Proset successfully, it seems to be the full version of Intel My WiFi Dashboard and all the features are available but there is still a problem. Actually when I wanted to share my laptop internet with my phone through Hotspot, at first the phone connected to the WiFi Hotspot well but after couple of seconds the connection dropped off and my phone got disconnected, I repeated this process several times but the same thing happened and every time the connection dropped off after a few seconds, so I could not be able connect my phone through Hotspot. I could not understand what is wrong with Intel My WiFi Dashboard that makes this happen!!


      Thanks in advance to anyone whom help me on this problem.


      P.S. I have Intel(R) Centrino(R) Wireless-N 1030, and I used to share internet with my phone by Intel My WiFi Technology before as well.