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    DQ45CB temperatures problems


      Hi everyone.


      I have a DQ45CB which is having problems with the chipset. It has a temperature of 70C (158F) but the CPU has 40C (140F) with almost no load.

      Today a just simply install some missing drivers due to a new Windows 7 x64 installation and I upgrade the BIOS (I think that was my mistake). Don't remember really good the older version but I think it was 0059 and the year was 2008. I tried to upgrade to 0133 but it completely crash so I did a BIOS recovery with 0103 version. It worked but after that I realize that the temperature is too high, or at least thats what I think. Don't know if thats its normal temperature. So i downgrade it to 0059 version because that was the number I remember but it didn't work. Then I upgrade it through the next new version until I get again to 0103 version, after trying to reflash again didn't work correctly. It says that the upgrade was sucessfull but the version doesn't change. I have to realize that maybe I screw up the board and it will not have the same performance. My plan for this computer was for studying and a little of gaming.

      I hope you can help me. If you need more info ask me, I really want this computer working great.


      Windows 7 64-bits

      Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 (no OC)

      2GB DDR2

      350W PSU

      Integrated graphics

      Recently replace the thermal paste on the CPU


      PD: Sorry for my bad english.

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          Hi Mr240,

          It is important to mention that is considered as overheating when the processor temperature reaches 95C or more. After the 100C the processor will turn off the system as a security feature.

          The normal load of the processor will have the processor between the 40 and 65C and when running a task it can reach the 77C.


          Based on your description, it seems that the temperature your system is getting Is normal. However, I would recommend you the following:

          1. Make sure there is enough air flow inside the case.
          2. Renew the processor thermal paste.
          3. Take the board outside of the chassis for testing purposes.
          4. Update the bios in your system.
          5. Make sure the CPU fan is connected to the CPU header and not the rear header.
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            Hi Kevin.


            All that you mention i've already done. But if you say that temperatures are normal, I think it can be use the computer a little bit more rude to see if can handle the heavy work.


            Thank you for answering.