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    DH77DF Dual Monitor problem in Windows 7


      Dear all,


      I own a DH77DF-based system and two identical monitors (Fujitsu-Siemens P19-2) with only VGA or DVI input.

      I would like to run a dual-monitor setup in Windows 7 64 Bit.



      DVI to DVI on screen 1

      HDMI to a HDMI-DVI adapter on screen 2


      Problem description:

      Both monitors show the same content during POST and while Windows says it is loading.

      As soon as the logon screen appears on screen 1, screen 2 loses its signal.

      I cannot find screen 2 anywhere in the Display Options. It just acts as if no second monitor is connected.


      Updated to the latest Graphics driver today.


      Any ideas what is wrong with Windows?


      Best regards and thanks for your help!