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    6 x SSD's in Raid "0" and "Trim" in Win 7


      I am trying to find out if there are any plans Intel Raid drivers to provide support for SSD arrays with respect to "Trim" function.  "Trim" provides a similar function to defragging a HDD.  "Trim" is built into Win 7, but only supports single drives - not Raid.  I have 6 X Super Talent SSD's in Raid, see below pic.




      I suppose the question here is "Do Raid controllers need to be modified in any way so that "Trim" can work on SSD's in a Raid 0 array"


      Below are my attempts to find out about being able to beef up the performance of SSD's, similar to how defragging would.






      A Post in the MSDN" forum.  "Typically the disks behind a RAID controller are managed by the RAID controller and presented to the operating system as one or more units (disks) of storage space. If the RAID controller reports the rotational speed as zero for the units of storage (disks) that it presents to Windows 7 then it will treat that unit of storage as an SSD"