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    Manager servers from Win7-64?




      I'm trying to get remote management working on an older SE7520BD2V server board with the Advanced Edition IMM module installed.


      The IMM is configured and working properly as I can go to the configured IP in a browser and get the basic management options. I can also retrieve information from this system from a remote system with command-line IPMI tool.


      However, I'm unable to connect from Intel Server Manager (ISM) 8.50. I can discover the IMM IP but when I try to connect, it complains with "Invalid IPMI BMC credentials. Please type in the correct user name and password."


      I'm wondering if this could be because I'm running from Win7-64?


      If not, what else can I try?


      I tried to install the newer Multi Server Manager, but that requires IPMI/BMC on the system from which it's run. I only have ASF on this workstation board. Is there another Intel server management package that's newer than MSM?