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    HD4000 and Windows 8.1


      I recently upgraded my Lenovo Ideapad to Win8.1 64bit from the factory default 8.0 64bit. I suspect as part of the upgrade the graphics driver has been updated as the graphics properties app has completely changed. Device Manager tells me I'm on version which aligns with the latest 8.1 64bit driver from the download centre.


      The laptop is primarily for work but in my down time I have enjoyed playing Dungeon Siege which I installed via Steam. Since the upgrade the game runs in a small window in the centre of the screen (not in a window, the rest of the screen is black around the window). As it's quite an old game the max res it runs in is 1024x768. Before the 8.1 upgrade the game would fill most of the screen. Also the graphics in the game keep breaking up as I scroll around.


      Normally in these cases I would install the latest graphics drivers and this fixes these types of glitches but as I'm already on the latest version not sure if I should consider rolling back to a previous version.


      Any advise would be great.