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    Dell hybrid (965) video driver does not detect Panasonic hdmi


      Hi, Just bought a Dell Hybrid Running Vista Premiere with the latest driver on Intel site. Connected to Panasonic HDMI. (Panasonic Vierra 58 Plasma - bought last month). There is No video on the TV. Only solution which works:  Connect DVI (Which has priority over the HDMI) which is connected to the same TV via PC VGA port, Bring up Vista, Go to Graphic Driver setup, after the setup screen comes up. select the same setup and hit Apply [1024 x 768]. close. Then Shutdown PC.  Remove the DVI connection behind Hybrid and only leave HDMI connected. Power on PC - & Voila!! you have Video on the Panasonic HDMI with sound.  This is Good until you shutdown the PC again. Then again you have to go through the DVI first boot, Setup, Shutdown and then remove DVI to get HDMI. Any ideas on why the Driver is not detecting the HDMI connection the first time around?  Thanks in advance, Andi