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    Memory issue D54250WYK



      I have been struggling for some days to get my D54250WYK stable. At very first I got the 3 blink memory error, but after reseating the memory modules, disconnected the battery for 2h and updating the BIOS and got the machine to boot. Tried both WIN7 and 8 but with BSOD's and freezings. I have installed all Intel drivers.


      My components:

      Memory - 2 sticks of Crucial CT51264BF160B (a 2x4GB kit: CT2KIT51264BF160B)

      SSD - KINGSTON SSDNOW MS200 (SMS200S3/120G)

      WIFI/BT - Intel Dual Band Wireless AC 7260 (7260.HMWW)


      Eventually if I take out one memory module and keep only one left it seems the machine is stable (now running WIN8.1 for several hours).


      I can see Intel officially say that Crucial memory CT51264BF160BJ is tested ok with D54250WYK. My memory CT51264BF160B misses the last "J". I suspect this has do with density (?). Should my menory work? Is there anything else I can try?

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          Legit Reviews wrote: 'This laptop memory kit is sold under part number CT2KIT51264BF160B' so I also ordered that.

          But you are right the 'J' on the RAM module label is missing.

          I have not tested the kit yet (waiting for Intel SSD 530 series).

          Hope somebody can help us. If the kit is not OK I will go with

          Kingston 4 GB KVR16LS11/4



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            If you look at the photos of the memory used by Legit it has the "J" in the end and only 4 SDRAM per side (mine have 8 per side).


            I also ordered this kit after reading the Legit Review.

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              I use G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3L-1600 2x8GB SODIMM kit and no problems so far.

              Series: Ripjaws SO-DIMM

              Memory Type: DDR3

              Form Factor: SO-DIMM

              Channel Config: Dual-channel

              Capacity: 16GB (8GBx2)

              Tested Speed: 1600MHz

              CAS Latency: 9-9-9-28

              Voltage: 1.35v

              Heat Spreader: No

              Warranty: Lifetime



              You can read more about thoose memorys on http://aphnetworks.com/reviews/g_skill_ripjaws_f3_1600c9d_16grsl_2x8gb




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                Yes, Kent, I did see the 'J' on the photo.

                Now I have asked Crucial by email.

                Will let you know the result.

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                  Crucial answered me to day:

                  Thank you for your email. I am very sorry to hear that you are having an issue

                  with our part number CT2KIT51264BF160B.


                  This isn't a part that we are

                  recommending at present and what you should have is the same part number but

                  with a J at the end.


                  The difference between each part is that the J part

                  only has 8 chips on the memory and the NON J has 8 chips on both sides. This

                  represents the density.


                  It looks like your laptop prefers the J part as

                  it is high density so you would need to exchange the KIT that you have.

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                    Thanks Jan,

                    I also sent a question to Crucial regarding this and got this reply:


                    The different between these parts is the density meaning
                    the number of black DRAM chips that make up the module. Part CT51264BF160B is a
                    low density version which will have 16 chips in total. Part CT51264BF160BJ
                    (note the J at the end) is high density meaning it will use only 8 DRAM chips
                    on the module.


                    The Intel D54250WYK will accept high density 4GB
                    modules only and this is why you are experiencing instability.


                    So Legit Review sent us in the wrong direction.....

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                      Guys, it looks like the Crucial memory part # CT8G3S160BM was tested in our labs, but it did not pass.

                      It was a mistake to include it on the list. We apologize.

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                        Yes, that is the Kent-M 'Memory issue D54250WYK on 19 Nov I referred to, but they were all customer posts, hence my asking:  Can Intel give the definitive answer to this ?

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                          Sorry, I now see Intel themselves did reply to that thread and confirmed the older 'B' type failed, in which case Crucial should take responsibility for their wrong advice and not try to claim it is compatible, presumably to avoid paying for the cost of returning the part they wrongly recommended.

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                            I see in this thread that Crucial CT102464BF160B (Crucial part number CT5042582) is not compatible, yet is is still listed as "customer-reported compatible" on the recommended memory page. This is the memory that Crucial recommended for this platform. I have not installed and tried it yet. Should I bother, or should I just return it to Crucial?

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                              Never mind. I see in a more recent thread that this device is actually compatible.

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                                Oh my.  I have been tearing my hair out of months trying to diagnose freezes on my Ubuntu install and it's this.  I too bought CT51264BF160B because that is what was stated as compatible with my Brix i3 but now it looks like only the CT51264BF160BJ works.


                                I will have to buy some.