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    Driver hd4400


      hey guys,


      i have a new sony vaio 13 multi flip and first I updated my sony with windows 8.1. but somehow i have graphic problems. everything is super sharp (due to the high resolution), but  i some cases it seems that the sony thinks that there is a very low resolution (you can see the difference in the device manager; when i want to start google earth i get a message that it requires at least a 1024 resolution i my settings are lower). I've checked all possibilities to change the resolution, but everywhere the highest one was set.
      So i thought: hey maybe the driver is not compatible with windows 8.1 and i just have to update my intel driver to solve my problem. Well, i downloaded the latest driver vor hd 4400 and when i want to install it, the installer says that this driver is not suitable with mine?! wtf?! Ok so i tried to figure out, why the programm thinks i dont have the correct driver. Maybe i have the wrong driver signature?! I dont know! therefore i am writing here, hoping someone can help me!

      btw: the device managers says i have an intel hd graphics family graphiccard and i have the driver installed.


      thx Yaconan