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    New Intel DG35EC Motherboard Install Q&A


      This may seem simple for most of you. I am building my first PC with the Intel DG35EC Motherboard. I have the PDF of the manual. I have the case and the hardware. Problem is this, I see where to mount the mobo with the screws provided, BUT there are three plastic spacers which I presume are for keeping the mobo off the metal case. Nowhere can I find where to put these spacers in any manual, online searches, even videos on youtube showing mobo installations don't cover this. Can someone point out where these should go when installing a new Intel DG35EC Motherboard ?

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          Hi there,


          This has nothing to do with the motherboard. It is totally dependent on which chassis or Pc case you get.


          The important thing is that you fix the 'riser' to the correct position that match the holes on the board.


          You may wish to contact the manufacturer of your chassis if you are not sure where the plastic spacers goes onto the case. They are the only ones that will be able to give you the exact steps and guides.


          I have found a short video on you tube which explain briefly how to integrate a motherboard into a pc case.

          Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qsRIi2cWZg

          Hope this will be helpful.



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            SUPER! Thank you, this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I did contact intel, no response yet, I did search youtube, but I missed this video. Thank you again, you answered exactly what I was looking for.

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              That's probably a good idea to notify Intel.  I think with most motherboards, there is info about what's in the box.  I searched for it, and like you, I came up empty.  That's a dirty trick to put something in the box and not tell you about it.


              It's my experience that the motherboard spacers come with the case, not the motherboard.  I think usually the motherboard comes with a CD, some instructions, and maybe a few cables.  Those spacers might be there for a reason, but Intel should tell you what the reason is.


              By the way, not all motherboard spacers are plastic.  I use the Antec Super Lanboy cases and they come with brass spacers that screw into threaded holes in the plate that holds the motherboard.

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