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    Real-time counter or timer


      My teammate works on a new project where he is trying to read sonar sensor feedback. But he has the problem of “pulseIn” function does not work in Galileo whereas it works for Arduino Uno. How can he use real-time counter or timer for this purpose? Are there something he can do or a way around for this problem?

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          Hi eceo_intel

          I am currently working on a possible workaround for the PulseIn function, in the meantime I don’t know if you have considered other models of ultrasonic sensors that have a pin with an analogic output and in the datasheet there’s a function that provides the relation between voltage and distance, others have a RS232 Serial Output alongside with the traditional pulse width output. With them you could use the sensor to get the distance without using the PulseIn function.

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            I am interested in trying your PulseIn workaround when ever you get it done. Please let me know.