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    Need Clarification Regarding Socket Types


      Good day. What I would like to clarify first is Package Size and Sockets Supported that I can see in description of Intel processors like this one:


      2013-11-11 10_42_31-ARK _ Intel® Core™ i5-2540M Processor (3M Cache, up to 3.30 GHz).jpg


      When trying to ensure compatibility between motherboard's socket and Intel processor, what I am to pay attention to? What is difference between Package Size and Sockets Supported?


      I also often see that not exact description of socket types is given in some descriptions. For example, socket PPGA988 or PGA988 or rPGA988 . I don't know what difference letter "r" makes (which I would like to know by the way) but there is rPGA988A (Socket G1) and rPGA988B (Socket G2) which maybe similar in their appearance but are different in other aspects. Let's take a look at example of processor which lists only PGA988 in its description in Sockets Supported and rPGA in Package Size:


      2013-11-11 11_57_05-ARK _ Intel® Core™ i7-640M Processor (4M Cache, 2.80 GHz).jpg


      The problem here is that it is not indicated whether it works in rPGA988A or rPGA988B. How are we as consumers to take that? Does that mean it supports both sockets which would be not clear because this website states that sockets are different from each other and I citate:


      Although the socket has the same number of pin holes as socket G2, they are not compatible with each other due to different position of one of the pin-holes.


      Should we take that processors that only have rPGA988 mentioned are compatible with both rPGA988A and rPGA988B sockets? And if so, does that affect somehow on processor's capabilities, features, work etc.?


      Here's information about my Core i3-330M I pulled from AIDA system information and benchmarking software:


      2013-11-13 18_02_35-AIDA64 Extreme Edition.jpg

      2013-11-13 18_03_31-AIDA64 Extreme Edition.jpg


      If AIDA states: Package Type - rPGA988 and Platform ID - rPGA988A then why I don't see rPGA988A on http://ark.intel.com in processor's description? This is what given to me:

      2013-11-13 18_04_46-ARK _ Intel® Core™ i3-330M Processor (3M Cache, 2.13 GHz).jpg


      Finally, I saw several times socket named PPGA989 or PGA989 or rPGA989 (Socket G) being mentioned in some descriptions of motherboards and this Wikipedia webpage states the following:


      (there are Socket G/rPGA 989 sockets that can take Socket G1/rPGA 988A or Socket G2/rPGA 988B packaged processors)


      I did not find more detailed information about this mysterious socket but would like to know if processors that support either rPGA988A or rPGA988B will work as intended on socket rPGA989 or with some restrictions, limitations etc.?



      Thanks to all who put in efforts in replying!

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          Here are some links that may help you to get more detailed information about rPGA988A  http://www.cpu-world.com/Sockets/Socket%20G1%20(rPGA988A).html and rPGA988B http://www.cpu-world.com/Sockets/Socket%20G2%20(rPGA988B).html


          Most of the time PGA or BGA processors are the ones that come embedded on the motherboard. There are lots of different types of sockets that are going to depends on the processor’s family, if it is a Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge or the most recent family Haswell.

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            Hi, Not sure if this helps but....You need 1st to pay attention to socket supported. The package size will be in line with the socket. The i3-330m only works in g1 (rPGA988A) sockets but as to your question WHY intel does not specify this I couldn't say. Sylvias links to CPU World are the most helpful I have found on compatibility between chip and socket. The actual package type of this chip is FC-PGA10 seen if you click on ORDERING/S SPECS/STEPPINGS link to the left...and as stated by CPU World is a compatible package for the G1 socket. Again...I don't know why intel does not say. The designation " r " stands for reduced pitch /1mmx1mm in this design...PPGA designates Plastic Pin Grid Array...FC-PGA Flip Chip Pin Grid Array....Finally the mysterious G/rPGA989...It's available at brokenbook.com.ua but I don't know any specs on this item...   socket G/rPGA989 
               ...hope link works....As I said...I don't know if this helps but I tried...dustt57  good luck to you

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