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    RAID1 failure, somehow rebooted and 1 yrs worth of data missing


      Hi all,


      My Dell Studio XPS with 2 500GB drives in a pre-configured RAID1 array setup (Intel Matrix Storage Manager v8.5.0.1020) has failed just now in a bit of a bizarre way.   Any insights or DOs/DONTs would be much appreciated.


      A year plus back one of the drives had stopped working and the RAID1 status was DEGRADED but still bootable.    Got the typical "Error Occurred(0)" for one of the member disks, the other being fine.   I'll admit I was lazy and had alternative backup solutions so didn't fix the problem.   Then of course the second disk apparently developed issues.


      Yesterday the whole system failed to boot, but only once.   I power cycled the desktop and this time it did successfully boot into Win7.    But bizarrely enough, my entire file system only had the files stored up to April 2012, a year plus back.   I've rebooted several times and tried to sniff around in the CTRL-I BIOS manager for Intel Matrix Storage, but not wanting to mess with anything haven't tinkered too deeply.


      My data was backed up except for the last two months, and I use sugarsync for most important files so those are secure.   But unfortunately I had my iphone fail last week too so before getting a replacement I downloaded the last six months worth of pictures to the desktop before getting the phone replaced, and this temporary storage folder wasn't synced/backedup.   This is the only missing data but is precious so I want to try and recover these pictures if I can.


      Clearly this recent data is not visible on the current drive of the desktop.   I wonder if this is because of some failure of the metadata, and the data is in fact there.  Or alternatively if there's been some freak occurrence where the second, originally good disk where all the recent data had been written to failed, but in the process the first degraded disk started working again and I was able to boot into that drive -- but because that drive had been errored out for some time, it didn't have a copy of the more recent data.   THis is all uninformed speculation.


      Can anyone recommend how I might be able to try solving the issue here?   I see there are options in the BIOS array manager to "Reset Disks to Non-RAID".  Would that be recommended, and then try to find the files individually within those drives?   Or is doing this potentially putting the recent data at risk?


      Any other steps you can recommend?   Your advice is greatly appreciated.




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          In this case as this is a RAID 1 you can use the set disks to non RAID, you will get a message that data loss may occur but this does not apply for RAID 1 volumes.

          Once the disks are set as non RAID, remove one drive and try to boot. Test each drive independently, as I believe that you might be booting to the drive that was marked with problems.

          In, fact, data should be there, so one thing you could do would be to install the drive with the most recent information into another system and check if the file system is ok, if it is, then data should be there with no issues (keep in mind that the file system may be fine but the boot sector may be corrupted so the operating system would fail to boot, however that does not mean that the rest of data is gone). Another thing you could do if the partitions and data are not longer seen, is t use a third party software to recover the file system or just simply recover files.

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            Thank you Diego_Intel, much appreciate the suggestions, will try and report back here.

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              Thanks again -- your suggestion was accurate.   I reset disks to non-raid.  Subsequent bootups with both drives activated were somehow default booting into the old, damaged harddrive with the old data.   But I did remove that one and forcibly booted into the other disk.   When I did that, win7 said that the previous shutdown had failed and so windows didn't shutdown properly.   This was interesting as the immediately previous shutdown (with both drives in non-raid but active mode) was done properly.   So it indicated somehow the win7 disk when in RAID1 mode but only one drive properly functioning had suffered a powerfailure or other improper shutdown, and on subsequent boots it wasn't able to resolve that win7 shutdown issue, so booted off the other, oldercopy drive.   clearly this is all a result of my RAID mirror having stopped funcitoning properly from having one disk and then alternatively the other not working properly.


              I have been able to locate the old data.   Thank you for the adv.ce

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                Hey alex324, nice to hear that you got your system working again

                If you run into any problems in the future or have any questions of a technical nature, please do not hesitate to contact us again.