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    Help needed - Clone display - need to default fill screen


      Hi everyone,


      I have two notebooks with the following graphics cards:


      GMA4500 4 series chipset family, version


      and Mobile Intel (R) 965
      Express chipset family , version


      The maximum resolution on the notebooks is WXGA and i'm trying to clone to a 1080p screen via HDMI.  I'm left with a small desktop image that is centered with a black-border, unless I go into the graphics options and select to fill full screen. 


      The issue I have is that I don't want to do this everytime and ideally I want to set "fill full screen" as the default on the 2nd display.


      Is it possible if I upgrade the drivers or it there a setting i'm missing?  


      Appreciate any help as this is for a school that we are trying to support.  

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          What happens if you use Extended desktop instead of Clone?


          Keep in mind that in Clone desktop, the video resolution is limited to the maximum resolution supported by the smallest display, so in this case, this would be limited to 1366x768 approximately. Hence when you try to set this to a 1080 display, the image needs to be scaled, so you need to set back those settings.


          What you could do would be to create a scheme profile with those settings which you can later use and select through right clicking on the system desktop. For information on that feature please check this article:

          Graphics | Schemes