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    DH87RL & VT-d




      we try to use DH87RL for VMWare ESXi 5.5.0 "passthrough"-feature.


      VT-d is enabled in BIOS-Setup and necessary CPU installed (Core i5-4570).


      Guest OS is Windows 8.1


      Passthrough works fine with onboard NIC (I217-V) or NIC in PCIe x1 slot (82574L, Gigabit CT Desktop adapter).


      However, passthrough fails with graphics card in PCIe x16:

      - with AMD Radeon HD 7750: Guest OS crashes

      - with Nvidia GeForce GT 640: device can not be startet (Code 47 or so)


      Any ideas?





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          Do you have any logs or error messages that indicate that the problem is related to the motherboard or processor? In few words, what is the indication that the problem is caused by the motherboard?

          Have you checked on this directly with VMWare in this case?

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            Thank you, Diego!


            I think it's related to the motherboard because it works flawlessly with the same Radeon HD 7750 on Asus P9D-I w/C222 chipset.


            What I want to know in the first place is whether VT-d is meant to work on PCIe-x16-slot on DH87RL - or if VT-d functionality is restriced to certain slots/onboard devices/chipset functions.




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