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    INTEL DH87RL : Unable to enter BIOS


      I have purchased an Intel DH87RL motherboard and I have never been able to enter its BIOS.

      On pressing F2 on boot, it just freezes till I hit the reset button on the CPU. F7 doesn't work either.

      I know the keyboard is working since F10 option to enter the boot menu works.


      I have tried out the following:


      1. Removed CMOS battery for 12 hrs with CMOS jumper removed.

      2. Tried connecting keyboard to the USB 3.0 port near HDMI port, USB on the front, as well as USB 2.0 ports.

      3. Tried long pressing the power button( till 3 beeps)... the options appear but on pressing F2 or F7, system hangs and I have to reset the CPU.

      4. Updated the BIOS version to 322. Still no use.

      5. Replaced CMOS battery.

      6. reseated the RAM.

      7. Reseated the SATA connector of HDD to other ports (from port 0 to port 1) on motherboard

      8. went to windows 7 from windows 8 ( not needed, i know!!)

      9. Re-flashed BIOS( from windows )



      My configuration is as follows:


      i5 processor i5-4570

      Kingston (1 X 4GB)  1600MHz RAM

      Cooler Master 600W Thunder PSU

      Cooler Master K281 cabinet

      Seagate Maxtor 500GB 5200RPM HDD

      Display out through HDMI to Sharp Aquos TV( Intel HD4600 unable to output the correct resolution to this TV)


      Is the motherboard faulty?

      Any support in this regard would be really appreciated.

      With Regards,

      Karthik K

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          Hello Karthik, we have been testing this motherboard, but this behavior is totally unexpected.

          -I would recommend you to test the board out of the chassis with minimal configuration (Motherboard, processor, power supply, 1 memory stick)

          -You may want to try another keyboard just for testing.

          -If the motherboard continues giving you problems, please get in touch with our Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport

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            Thanks Sylvia,


            I was testing out the motherboard yesterday with Intel Integrator Toolkit and it was able to show and edit all the BIOS values  from within windows.

            Also, F7 option is working for the BIOS reflash (which I have already done). Earlier I was pressing F7 after trying F2, and hence it wasn't working.


            At Present, my computer is just the basic build ie. CPU, 1 Stick RAM, PSU, Keyboard & Mouse.


            I Interpret that the BIOS is working normally, the only problem is that I am not able to enter the Visual Bios by pressing F2( which hangs the system). Windows boots normally.


            Could this development lead to any new insights ?




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              Are you using the onboard video?

              Would you please remove the CMOS battery again? Please leave the system without it for about 24 hours.

              Also, please disconnect the motherboard from the power supply.

              Remove all hard drives and memory.


              Then, please install the battery, power supply and 1 memory stick on DIMM #1.

              Change the BIOS jumper on position 2 and 3 and restart the system.


              Let me know the results.

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                Hi Sylvia,


                I figured out the problem...


                Just by chance, i tried to test my PC's output through VGA (my DVI to VGA adapter just arrived today and I wanted to see if it was working!)..  And by chance I gave F2 a try... and guess what... the Visual BIOS came up!!


                So I think there must be some display resolution issue with Visual BIOS on HDMI output to my TV which is why it wouldn't show up... But it is working on VGA output..


                Please to pass this on to your engineering team so they could look into it... BTW my TV is SHARP Aquos 32" LCD ( model 32a37m) which I was trying to connect thru HDMI..


                Thanks for your support!!


                With Regards,

                Karthik K

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                  I have experienced exactly the same problem: Pressing F2 during startup will freeze the machine, F7 and F10 work.


                  I am habitually using my Monitor via the Mainboard's Display Port. After reading Karthriks post I tried connecting with DVI and unplugging the Display Port. Thankfully I managed to enter the Bios via F2.


                  Please note that this has not happened with earlier BIOS versions. I have first experienced this with 0325. While Trying to debug, I upgraded to 0326. However, the problem persists: Impossible to enter the BIOS via Display Port.


                  Problems like this and constant other troubles with USB is what truely frustrates me with this board. Almost a year after reporting, there is still no fix. Truely, truely sad, Intel!


                  Please do something!

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                    Pssssssssst, I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues with this system.

                    Could you please roll back to BIOS version 0324? I would like to know the results when using this BIOS version.

                    We are not experiencing this problem in our demo.


                    Let me know your findings please.



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                      Hallo Sylvia,


                      I had the same problem using the displayport and the bios version 0327. After the roll back to 0324 everything is working fine. Thanks for the hint.


                      Thanks a lot.





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                        Excellent Luke, I'm glad to know it worked.

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                          Thanks for the confirmation, Lule.


                          I haven't had time and energy yet to test the rollback. However, taking into consideration this recently discovered and extremly serious UEFI vulnerability ("BIOS Extreme Privilege Escalation") I don't believe it's a good idea to run the outdated version. Or can someone from Intel confirm that this is already fixed in 0324.


                          Or rather: Can we expect a version 0328 where both bugs are fixed?

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                            So, will we ever see a resolution to this? I understand Intel has stopped selling (and thus probably also supporting) Motherboards, but can it really be true that you leave your customers to chose between:


                            1) either not be able to enter BIOS

                            2) or run your system with a version that has a serious, confirmed security whole.


                            Honestly, I find this choice rather unacceptable.

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                              pssssssssst, I understand your point and it is totally correct, however technically speaking there is always a chance that the installation of a previous BIOS version on a device is able to fix the issue.


                              As you can see, the User Lule was able to fix the problem by rolling back to version 0324. So, once again please try installing the previous BIOS and let me know the results.


                              If you do not want to perform this BIOS recovery, you can always contact our warranty team in order to replace your board.

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                                Same problem with DH87MC. Display connected to onboard DVI port with a DVI to VGA adapter.. my display resolution: 1360x768

                                Bios version: MCH8710H.86A.0158.2014.0912.1100

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                                  Hi arun.cg


                                  Please let me know if you have done any troubleshooting or if you have tried the suggestions listed in the previous posts. Are you able to get into BIOS using another video cable?

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                                    Hi all, i found a quick solution for this.. it works..

                                    Step 1. Disconnect ur display from the board.

                                    Step 2. Power on., Keep pressing F2

                                    Step 3. Now just connect the display... u'll get into bios

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