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    Upgrade Asus laptop (6235 to 7260) wrong size antennae pins?


      Hey guys,


      I have an ASUS 15" Zenbook (ux51vz). It has a Intel Centrino 6235 wireless card in it that has been working beautifully. But i recently upgraded our home to wireless AC and it would be nice to get the extra speeds on the laptop.


      I have been doing some researching and found that ASUS uses antennae connections that are smaller then normal?


      Since the card inside is an official Intel, is this a revision of cards that intel produced or something that asus did themselves?

      Is it possible to buy a 7260 card with the same connections?

      Are there adapters I can use to make the larger pins fit?


      Seems a little odd to me, but any help would be greatly appreciated






      EDIT: I took a photo to try and help describe what im talking about: