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    No POST, PSU fan spins but CPU fan does not, internal speaker ticking.




      I've been working on building a PC, and I've come up against a problem. I have previously built PCs like my intel Xeon e3 1155 server cpu build, and previous amd 4100 8350 build  over the years, but never worked on i7 varient before.
      (The problem)

      The problem is that when I try and boot, the power supply fan starts to spin, but the system does not POST. The internal speaker makes a "ticking" noise (that i've never heard before.. well ever) which continues for as long as I keep the power on.

      (Current situation)

      I currently have the motherboard sitting in my case, and will get a second opinion from a local computer store. All I've got connected to it is the PSU, the CPU, and corsiar H100i CPU fan. I have two identical sticks of RAM 2133 ddr3, and the same problem occurs with either one installed in any one of the slots. Since the system isn't POSTING, there is no beep when trying to boot without any RAM at all. I have re-seated the CPU, and I believe it is correctly installed.

      (Component bare-bone specs)

      The components are:
      Motherboard: DX79SR INTEL 2011 socket
      CPU: Intel core i7 4930K
      RAM: Corsair XMP 8GB 2133MHz DDR3
      PSU: Seasonic 860w platinum modular

      (Final verdict)
      So all i can do is get the local store to diagnose it and im sure the verdict will be out, the store clerk said its not the cpu.
      But could be the board, or bios.