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    Low speed on 82574L at 100M Full duplex, hanging on 82579LM


      Hello all,


      I've found a strange behavior of NICs on our server.

      Some intro:

      Server board: supermicro x9scl-f, OS: Windows Server 2012

      NIC1=82574l - for LAN connections

      NIC2=82579lm - for WAN connection (PPPoE)


      Situation1. NIC1 and NIC2 set link speed to auto negotiation. Speed sets to 100M Full Duplex (its ok), but when copying large files from/to server (through NIC1), NIC2 hangs (can't access the gateway). Only system reboot helps.

      Situation2. NIC1 and NIC2 set link speed to 100M Full Duplex. NIC2 works ok, NIC1 - file copying speed is very low (peeks at 10Mbit, sometimes simply freezes).


      Drivers are up to date.


      Any ideas?