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    I need help "Intel S5000PSL" and "Intel xeon E5440"


      Hi all,


      A week ago I bought an Intel motherboard S5000PSL, I wanted to use it with 2 Intel Xeon E5440.


      The hardware configuration is as follows.


      Motherboard: Intel S5000PSL

      Processor: Intel Xeon E5440

      Memoirs: HP 4 X 2GB 2Rx4 PC2-5300F-555-11-E0

      Bios version: 8s5000.86B.07.00.0079

      Bios PBA: D44771

      Power: 700W


      When i turn on the server, displayed the following legend:

      Unrecoverable Error found. System will not boot until fatal error is resolved.

      Entering SETUP ...


      I could not get boot from any means, (PENDRIVE, CDROM, Hard Disk IDE or SATA, etc.) and I run out of ideas.


      I looked at the Error Manager bios and can see the following:


      8180 minor

      19A fatal

      8160 best

      8601 minor


      Please I need urgent a solution, either to upgrade firmware or know that I'm doing wrong.


      From already thank you very much