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    SCCM SP2 + Vpro


      Has anyone got any guidance on how to provision and manage Vpro clients via wireless connections using SCCM SP2?



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          I haven't tested the Service Pack 2 beta yet. Are you running it now?


          Since I haven't used it, I can only assume that it would be somewhere in the OOB Component Configuration screen on the ConfigMgr site configuration.


          Edit: Also, I would imagine that, based upon past experience, a beta version of a service pack or product revision from Microsoft, typically includes beta documentation. You might want to look at the local help files after installing SP2.


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            The provisioning process with SCCM SP2 has not changed; it, for the most part, is the same process used in SCCM SP1.  The only real differences is pushing down the 802.1x / wireless profiles configuration during second stage provisioning.  They also changed baremetal provisioning so that it was not enabled by default; so if you are using baremetal provisioning, you will need to enable it in the Out of Band Management Component Configuration.  Agent based provisioning works the same.  You should be able to use the SCCM SP1 quick start guide (http://communities.intel.com/openport/docs/DOC-1754) to get you 95% there.


            In terms of provisioning over wireless...  The initial provision of an vPro / AMT client cannot be done over a wireless connection.  First stage provision must allow be done on the wired connection.  Second Stage provisioning and supplement management controller updates can done over the wireless connection.


            To get the out of band use cases to work over wireless, you will need to configure the AMT wireless profile in the Out of Band Management Component Configuration.  Reference this post: http://communities.intel.com/community/openportit/vproexpert/microsoft-vpro/blog/2009/06/05/a-closer-look-at-sccm-sp2-beta-oob-wireless-management-wireless-profile-management .  Make note that SCCM SP2 vPro wireless profiles only supports:

            ·         WPA-Enterprise and WPA2-Enterprise; WPA-Personal and WPA2-Personal are not supported.

            ·         Encryption method can be either TKIP or AES.

            ·         802.1x authentication is required for the wireless connection supporting the Client Authentication methods of EAP-TLS, EAP-TTLS/MSCHAPv2, or PEAPV0/EAP-MSCHAPv2



            Give the SCCM SP1 quick start guide a try on your SCCM SP2 preleased environment and let me know if you hit a snag.


            --Matt Royer

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              Thanks Matt, Trevor for the info.  I'll do some testing over the next week.

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                Hi you all,

                I'd like to know more about SCCM - We have now SMS + Intel's Add-On for the SMS, and also SCS

                What are the additional abilities that SCCM provides?

                Is it advisable to migrate to SCCM? Is it right that SCS becomes totally unnecessary if you have SCCM?

                Is the migration progress very complicated, what is the possibly ROI, etc...


                Thank you in advance!


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                  As a clarifying note…  The Intel SMS Add-on was written by Intel to extend vPro to SMS while Microsoft has provided native / integrated support for vPro in SCCM; this native support by Microsoft in SCCM provides a much tighter integration between the AMT / MSFT Configuration Management use cases.  In terms of the specific use case delta between the Intel SMS Add-on and SCCM SP2… SCCM SP2 has extended support for AMT Audit Log, Enablement of 3PDS, and the much tighter integration of use cases (i.e. Advertisement Power Integration, Extending OS deployment scenarios, etc); AMT System Defense is the only use case that the Intel SMS Add-on supports that the current release of SCCM does not.  Intel amt/vPro does not provide a Add-on for SCCM.



                  Also note that Microsoft is planning on ending mainstream support for SMS on 1/12/2010; however, extended support can be purchased.  Recommend taking a look at the following resources from Microsoft.

                  Microsoft Support Lifecycle Policy

                  MSFT Support Lifecycle for SMS 2003





                  It is correct that the SCS becomes unnecessary with SCCM.  Please reference the following blog for the details: So where is the Intel® SCS in SCCM SP1





                  In terms of migration for Intel SMS add-on / SCS to SCCM and how that vPro/AMT…  This blog overviews the migration process: Overview of SMS/Intel SCS migration to SCCM SP1.  Depending number of activated clients and the type of clients you are migrating, you can either leverage the SCS to SCCM migration utility or perform a partial unprovision within the SCS and allow SCCM to provision them natively.  In either migration scenario, the AMT client is unprovisioned so that SCCM can provision natively.






                  --Matt Royer