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    Intel ULV Processor Is Always Underclocked.


      Hi! My notebook has a i5 3427 ULV processor. It's rated to run at 1.8Ghz and under load due to intel speed step it should decrease it's multiplier to be at a lower frequency. According to CPU-Z it's multiplier has a range of 8-27. But I have noticed that it always runs at multiplier=8(freq=0.77 Ghz). I thought the low speed was due to low workload but even on running Prime95 torture test. It keeps the CPU utilization at a constant 44% at 0.77 Ghz. The frequency and multiplier don't change as they should. I even changed the power setting of Windows to High Performance and it has no effect on it. Can this indicate a problem with my system, Any other tips on things I should check?