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    DG43NB won't boot from optical drive


      My DG43NB won't boot from a USB connected optical drive (DVD burner).  Is this normal?  I haven't tried an IDE connected drive yet.  I have the latest mobo BIOS version 0082.  It wouldn't boot with the original BIOS version either, (version 0054).


      The BIOS sees the drive and tries to boot, but it goes back to square 1 and starts over in a couple of seconds.  Square 1 is where it revs up the fans and displays the F2 F10 menu.  Pressing F10 and selecting the optical drive doesn't help.  It never displays the "press any key to boot from CD" message either.


      In fact I can't boot at all when the USB connected optical drive is connected.  Even if I press F10 and select the hard drive, it does the same thing.


      The good news is I can boot from a thumb drive.

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          I narrowed down the problem.  It will boot from an XP install CD, actually a DVD.  This boots without emulation.  The discs  that fail to boot, these are DVDs also,  use floppy emulation.  These discs boot okay in my other computers, including my Intel DP35DP.


          The BIOS has 4 options for USB mass storage emulation.  None work, including the default AUTO.  My DP35DP mobo uses AUTO and it will boot these discs without a problem.


          P.S.  It would be nice if I could copy and paste this text. Where did they get this forum software, on eBay?    A preview button wouldn't hurt either.

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            My previous post needs some clarification.  My DP35DP that boots these DVDs has the optical drive connected to the IDE port.  Maybe my  DG43NM would boot them with such a connection, instead of the USB connection used currently.