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    Haswell NUC CIR receiver (ACPI issue?)


      The D54250WYK infrared receiver is not working out of the box in Linux. I have been testing this in 64bit Ubuntu 13.10 and OpenELEC 3.2.3.


      The following lines can be found in dmesg:

      [0.168692] pnp 00:08: Plug and Play ACPI device, IDs NTN0530 (disabled)
      [2.497482] nuvoton-cir 00:08: IR PNP Port not valid!


      Unloading the nuvoton-cir module, enabling the device resources and loading the nuvoton-cir module again seems to fix the issue.

      $ sudo modprobe -r nuvoton-cir && echo "auto" | sudo tee /sys/bus/acpi/devices/NTN0530\:00/physical_node/resources && sudo modprobe nuvoton-cir


      I dumped the DSDT and found this:

                      Device (CIRP)
                          Name (_HID, EisaId ("NTN0530"))
                          Method (_STA, 0, NotSerialized)
                              Return (IRST (0x06))


      Is this correct? If I'm reading this right, it claims the device is not present, is enabled, should be shown in user interface and is not functioning properly.

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