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    Haswell NUC with vPro


      In our organization we have recently converted a lot of full sized desktops into the intel i5 NUC (53427).  Our users actually like them more than the full sized desktops.  Desktop Support also like them as supporting them is a lot simpler and easier than traditional sized pc.   However the model that we have has vPro and has allowed us to use the features associated with it.  We encrypt our devices and need the tpm chip like the one in the i5 version already has.  We are looking forward to upgrading some of our basic AutoCAD/sketchup boxes to the haswell version (need the faster gpu) however I have noticed none of the Haswell models have vPro.  Is there going to be any future haswell based models that will have vPro? 

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          Hi, we would like to inform you that we don't handle any information for unreleased or future products.

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            HI, I've also chosen i5 NUC (53427) because of its AMT serial-over LAN remote control functionality.

            It works fine!


            But today I got new Haswell 54250 and found that Intel i218V NIC doesn't support vPro and

            I'm not able to control remotely.


            Is there any workaround for it?

            If I add some mini PCI Express network card, can I use AMT feature?


            Best Regards,

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              Itaru, the ability to control remotely a vPro ready system depends on the Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) configuration so the first step is confirming if the system in question contains the AMT.

              As the official word by Intel, so far, none of the Intel® NUC Systems based on Haswell processors include the regular AMT layer as found in previous Q5, Q6, Q7, and Q8 Series Chipset based boards. In few words, it is not possible to remote control the NUC systems you purchased through the AMT. This is a hardware layer embedded in the board so no external hardware can make it to work.


              The Intel® NUC Systems containing the Intel® Active Management Technology that you are looking for is the DC53427HYE