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    D54250WYK / Dual Band AC 7260 Problems


      I received my D54250WYK Nuc today and have set it up with the Intel Dual Band AC 7260, but the wireless connection is terrible.  I either don't get a signal at all, or I get a signal so low it cannot connect.  The only time I can get the Nuc to connect via wireless is if I take it in the room that the wireless router exists.  Some details":


      -I have at least 15 other devices on the wireless network, half of which are even further away without problems.

      -This happens on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands

      -I have 3 other devices in the same media center as my Nuc and they connect fine.  One devices is 5ghz and the other two are 2.4ghz.

      -I have updated the AC 7260 to the latest 16.x drivers I downloaded tonight from Intel.

      -I have updated all the drivers via the Intel NUC 54250 driver bundle, and Intel ME shows all drivers are up to date.

      -I tried Ubuntu and it has the same problem as Windows 8.1


      At this point it seems like either the Nuc doesn't allow wireless reception very well, it is defective, or my wireles AC 7260 is defective.  Any other input or ideas?